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Who are we?
Empire Gig is a platform that facilitates connections & trade between consumers of art and creatives.
What problem are we solving?
Lack of peace of mind & global reach in the creative gig economy.
Through our platform’s digital gig contracts & escrow payments, creatives and art consumers connect and trade in a secure medium.

 We ensure that these agreements are honored and that both parties’ interests are protected.

How does it work?

  • After creating an account, anyone in need of a creative service;from music to art to make-up & tattoos,can directly book  their preferred creative from the variety to grace your “gig”.
  • Our Sales Funnel
  • Choose your preferred creative.
  • Book to message them directly on Empire Messages.
  • Deliberate on the task & remuneration securely.
  • Upon consensus, sign the digital agreement to make it official.
  • Credit the escrow account on the invoice shared via mail with agreed amount plus a 10% service charge.
  • Setting up an event is FREE.
  • Our Pricing
  • 10% of agreed gig price plus service charge of $2.3 to the art consumer.
  • 10% commission on agreed gig price to the creative.
  • 10% commission on each product sale.
  • 10 % commission on each ticket sold.
  • $15 Per Kg for freight international charges.


Why Choose Us?

  • Large user base.
  • Free Event advertising.
  • Robust legal customer support team.
  • Free Sign ups with automated ticket service.

    Our Target Audience

    All creatives’ & art lovers especially YOU.

  • Why we exist?

  • To market creative portfolios & get booking opportunities
    To sell their merchandise to Empire Gig Users.
    To provide seamless event ticketing and vendi globally.



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